Hand drawn portraits from photos

Portrait black and white

A black and white portrait is a portrait made in pencil. Using this technique he makes realistic portraits. With a good quality photo or photos, a hyper-realistic so-called “photo effect” can be achieved.

Portrait on black paper

The portrait on black paper is made with white crayons, sometimes with the addition of colorful ones (e.g. in case of clothes).
This is a unique drawing technique.
Making such a portrait consists of “reverse drawing”. – What I usually do on white paper with a pencil I have to leave as a black background, and everything that is not usually drawn with a pencil, e.g. the skin has to be covered with a layer of crayons.

Portret kolorowy

A color portrait is a portrait made with high quality professional color crayons. At the client’s request it also makes the background or its selected elements, which are in the picture.


I also offer to make a caricature, i.e. to present the characters and other elements included in the drawing in a humorous way. It makes black and white caricatures with a pencil or colored crayons.
Black and white caricature can be enriched with colorful elements such as clothes. Heads on caricatures made by me are larger than other parts of the body. Faces are drawn in a realistic way.

Portrait animals

I make portraits of animals in a realistic way. The portrait of an animal can be made using three techniques: white crayons on black paper, pencil on white paper or colored crayons on white paper.

How much does a portrait cost?

The price varies depending on the drawing technique and size of the drawing. Go to the price list to see the prices.

Paula's drawings are wonderful! They perfectly reflect the photographs! I already have two beautiful pictures at home and everyone can't believe that this is drawn in pencil!! I have never seen such realistic pictures before! Six plus Paulinko !!!!


The portraits created by Mrs. Paulina are simply a work of art! An incredible talent, we will certainly use it more than once. Live even more beautiful!


Portrait looks like a photo ! Beautifully drawn, every detail is polished ❤️ The best souvenir for life, once again, thank you very much and we recommend it! ❤️


Just today we received a drawing and we are delighted with the effects, brilliantly captured every detail and emotion. A wonderful souvenir for many years... Mrs. Paulinka has great talent, great contact, quick shipping, we recommend from the bottom of our heart 😍😍😍